Fresh Persimmons

I was so excited to see that our local food co-op had fresh persimmons.

images-4 images-3

Have you tried them?

I didn’t grow up eating persimmons, so these sweet fruits are relatively new to me.

There are basically two kinds of persimmons available in the U.S., Fuyu (what’s seen above) and Hachiya (below).


Fuyus are more tomato-shaped versus Hachiyas, which are like acorns.

Both types should be eaten when fully ripe. 

(Hachiyas will taste bitter and chalky if you eat them too soon, but Fuyus are a bit more forgiving).

The fruit should be soft and the skin becomes almost translucent. The entire fruit is edible minus the leaves and stem.

You can slice off the top and scoop out the flesh with a spoon (it almost becomes a pudding when super ripe), or slice like a tomato.

I also like to refrigerate them right before eating, so the temperature is cool and they’re easier to prepare.

Their flavor is hard for me to describe, but it’s very mild, sweet and sort of melon-y. 

They are delicious.

Here’s a bowl I sliced for breakfast last weekend:




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