Stitch Fix #2

I received my second Stitch Fix shipment a few weeks ago, right before I went to Hawaii.

I was so excited to get it since I’d had such great luck with the first one.


I even asked for an extra shipment, earlier than the every-other-month plan I signed up for. I wanted some new things to wear on my trip.

The presentation was great. The clothes were neatly stacked and a belt (removed from a dress) was used to wrap the bundle:


The first piece that I pulled out was a neutral infinity scarf in a coarse weave. I could tell right away this was not me, but I thought I could gift it to someone else.


There were two pieces from Splendid, one of my favorite brands:

photo-35 photo-36 photo-37

The first was a soft tank with an interesting draped back. I’m not crazy about navy blue (I had to wear navy blue uniforms in high school and still have PTSD when I think about the color), but I liked the cut and I love Splendid, so I really wanted to make this work. When I tried it on, though, it was way too big, and with an $84 price tag, even I couldn’t justify keeping it.

The second piece from Splendid was the striped cardigan. Also too big. Dang!

The next item was a pattered dress. I don’t own anything like this and it was a bit of a reach, but I liked the colors. Here’s a close up of the print and a shot of the dress. The belt that wrapped everything is also meant to be worn with it.

photo-32 photo-31

When I tried it on, it looked terrible on me. Sadness. There was no way to make this work.

The last piece was a pretty blue top with a bird/floral pattern:



In the end, the bird/floral top is the only item I kept. I was disappointed but am not giving up on Stitch Fix.

P.S. After I sent almost everything back, I kept thinking about that Splendid cardigan. I am a sucker for Splendid, cardigans and stripes, so it was sad to see it go away. I ended up finding a different Splendid striped cardigan that I actually like better on It was also only $59.99, which is less than half of the retail price ($128, same price as the one I received from Stitch Fix). Everything turned out ok in the end!









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