Holiday Binge

The Holiday Binge Season officially starts this week.

Except these binges aren’t going to ruin your waistline.

With holiday travel and – let’s face it – long afternoons to fill with “quality time” with long-lost relatives you barely know, you may be looking to occupy your interest elsewhere.

That’s where this list comes in.

Each one of these is a satisfying use of your time, and it’s ok to be a glutton once in a while. (These would also be great company during marathon gift-wrapping or holiday card writing sessions, not to mention your four hour layover in Detroit).


  • Serial. If you’re not already listening to this podcast/phenomenon, you’re in for a treat. Seriously, I am so addicted to this true crime story that’s being told one chapter at a time (ergo, “Serial”). The people behind it are also involved with “This American Life,” which I’ve mentioned before. It’s free to download the podcast but I would encourage you to donate to support Season Two.


  • Celebrity Mean Tweets. These clips from the Jimmy Kimmel Show are short and hilarious. I thought #8 (above) was particularly funny. Check out their crazy YouTube viewing numbers – 29 million!


  • Arrested Development. I am so jealous of you if you’ve never seen this. So jealous. I would love to go back in time and watch it for the first time. 


  • Orange Is the New Black. I have to slowly dole out my access to this Netflix darling, lest I go nuts all at once. You have my permission, though, to go nuts all at once.


  • A buoyant round of “Cards Against Humanity.” Yes, this card game was funnier and cooler last year, but it’s still a ton of fun. Select players carefully. Aunt Agnes may not get some of the references, and explaining them to her will just mortify you both.


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