Tata Harper

I’ve been seeing Tata Harper Skincare around the web so much lately, but I didn’t break down and try it until last month.



The products are described as 100% natural and nontoxic luxury skincare.

In an interview about her product line, Tata Harper describes how women want to keep their skin “healthy, plump and glowy at all ages.”

I’d agree with that.

And with winter upon us, I’m loving face oils of all manner to keep my skin at its glowiest.

Tata’s line is pretty broad, so I decided to start with a Daily Essentials Discovery Kit ($68).

(There’s also an even more affordable introductory Try-Me Kit for only $11).

The packaging was really great! This is one of the box flaps:



The major bonus was the generous number of free samples that came with my order:


There were five samples in all.

My hands-down favorite item was this Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint in “Very Charming.”


The color is a perfect petal pink and the formula melts right into the skin and lips, making them look ever-so-much better than on their own. It’s also a perfect match with using face oil to achieve a radiant, natural look.

I had to order a full-sized version for myself:


This is my favorite new discovery.

Other products I am loving include the best-selling Rejuvenating Serum and Beautifying Face Oil. They smell incredible! I want to get so much more.




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