Sweet Victory

Last weekend, temps soared to the mid-30s in Minnesota.


Ok, it was still more like this:


After most of Saturday afternoon spent cooped up at Fancy Pants Ranch, I decided that the kids and I should venture outdoors.

Initially, they were not into my plan to take our geriatric toy poodle, Frenchie, for a stroll.

The threat of no more screens for the rest of the weekend roused them into action, though.

We set out into the late afternoon sunshine with a plan to head to the local park.

Within 30 seconds, MGM (7) and Trixie (5) were laughing, running and warning each other to avoid eating the yellow snow.

Brief discourse determined who would be allowed to walk the dog TO the park and then FROM the park.

We jumped over debris at the house-under-construction on our block.

We marveled that our neighbors had a Christmas tree on their porch. So decadent!

The park was a resounding success, despite the slide having a fresh coat of snow.

When we eventually wandered home, it wasn’t enough.

And that’s when I had my Most Successful Parenting Moment Ever.

I don’t anticipate that this will ever be repeated, but somehow I convinced the kids that shoveling snow was fun.

Each armed with an ergonomic shovel, they cleared the driveway, sidewalk and front stoop to perfection. 

At one point, our neighbor across the street popped his head out and jokingly asked if the kids were for hire.

Nope, sorry, but score one for the Mother of the Year!








2 thoughts on “Sweet Victory

  1. Love this! So, I tracked some mud through the house over the weekend. After a day, I noticed it wasn’t going to clean itself, and the cleaning lady is not due to arrive until this Friday. I grabbed a bucket of water, murphys oil soap and a couple rags and started on the footprints. The Kiddo comes in, sees this very strange sight (me cleaning), and says “Hey Mom! Can I please mop the floor?!” And instead of just doing the footprints, which had been my plan, she wanted to do the whole room! It was shocking. This is the same daughter who refused to put her breakfast bowl into the dishwasher this morning because that was viewed as a completely unreasonable request.

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