Yesterday I alluded to the fact that this week, I’m on a solo getaway.

To one of my favorite places in the world.



I want to be a bit protective about this place, but I will say it’s a smallish resort/spa that gets rave reviews from High Ups that rate Places Like This.

I wanted to go here for a long time, and last year I got my chance.

One visit wasn’t enough.

So here I am. Again.



The best parts about being on a solo getaway to a small resort:

  • I can be as alone or as social as I want
  • The day’s agenda is mine
  • The food is so mind-blowingly healthy that you can never feel guilty for indulging
  • Wearing a bathrobe all day is perfectly acceptable. Even encouraged.

My plan is to exercise, read, relax, sleep and get off the grid this week. Super excited.


Looking forward to getting refreshed and inspired.





4 thoughts on “Exhale

  1. Very curious to know where you are! I’m guessing New Zealand, just for fun. . . . Hope you have a lovely time.

  2. You get an A+ for taking care of yourself. Work and family can be exhausting – it is so important to take time to recharge our batteries. I hope you enjoyed your time away. I would love to join you one of these years!

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