2015 – Day #1

I love fresh starts, so January 1st is usually a pretty good day for me.

My favorite way to start the year off right is to exercise, and I was happy to be among the masses living out their Resolutions at the gym yesterday.

I’m considering signing up for Fabletics – a subscription workout wear company – as a carrot to keep me motivated. They have some cute outfits and their introductory $25 offer is really tempting.

I also spent a chunk of yesterday cleaning and organizing MGM’s massive Lego collection (two hours there alone), my sweaters, tee shirts, and a jumbled drawer in the master bathroom where I hoard travel sized bath and body products, cosmetic samples and random other freebies.

We even ate a healthy dinner together as a family at a reasonable hour, with hardly any tears. 

Mark this day, People. It likely won’t happen again.

Or, could 2015 be the the Best Year Ever?

P.S. One family member was still in his New Year’s Eve ensemble as of 8 PM on January 1st. Must have been some party.


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