Resolutions Confessions/Work in Progress

Yesterday I re-read my Resolutions post from 2014.

On paper, last year was chock full of Self-Improvement Projects.

Some goals became ingrained habits, like drinking more water. I usually hit at least 8 glasses of H2O every day, and I even mostly gave up soda without even trying; it just happened.

(Actually, watching the great documentary “Fed Up” also sent me into a spin over artificial sweeteners and helped the soda-quitting cause quite significantly. You must see this film).

I already exercised a lot and managed to diversify what I do to some extent, mostly by adding in strength and core exercises.

Where I totally fell down, though, was in my Big Plan to Stop Online Shopping.

I did really, really well in January.

The first part of February was also perfect.

And then in the last week of February 2014, I was on a trip to Orlando and went to the Splendid store at the Mall of Millenia (a great mall, BTW).

After falling in love with the brand, I discovered that had some serious deals on Splendid.

I am talking half off or more.

There were a few items I was pining for, and I knew I wouldn’t be anywhere near a Splendid store any time soon.

That’s when I caved and clicked the “Order Now” button.

Resolutions Verdict: Total Fail before March 1.

The rest of the year was downhill from there.


My closet clean-outs in November and on January 1st helped emphasize that I still own too much stuff and I realized that in particular, the stuff I order online often doesn’t fit quite right (not so bad that I send it back, but not perfectly tailored) and is less appealing in person than what is professionally photographed on a 19-year-old model in a catalog (go figure).

Since I am striving to Live Authentically in 2015, I am not going to put another unrealistic ban on my online shopping habits (although Spouse would probably weep in happiness if this came true), but I intend to Get a Grip.

Wish me luck.












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