Nordstrom Juniors

Ok, this is moderately embarrassing, but yesterday I hit up the Nordstrom Juniors’ Department.

Background: I needed a birthday gift for my niece.

Whose birthday was in December.


The first thing I saw was this scarf:



The nuts part about it was that this scarf was only $16.00.

It’s a full infinity scarf in a gorgeous robin’s egg blue and fits an adult well with a double wrap.

How do I know this? I tried it on. And bought one for myself.

Seriously, if this was in the regular Adult Women’s Scarf area, it would retail for at least $50.

On the way to the scarf display, I stumbled upon this Frenchi polka dot swing tank:


This seems like strictly a layering piece, but it would look really cute peeking out from this Tilly sweater that I may or may not have purchased at J. Crew:



Another crazy deal: A Burberry kids’ snood.

No kid needs this. 

But an adult might. 


(Totally fits a grown up!)


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