Valentine Gifts

When I was a kid (cue “Back in my day” geriatric voice), my parents always gave me a small gift for Valentine’s Day.


It was never extravagant, although one year there was a red sweater AND a pair of black Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.

I really don’t bring this tradition forward, although I am susceptible to all things gifty.

So, how about these?

Ok, this is starting with a splurge: a Jennifer Meyer Pave Ruby Necklace ($950) at Gilt.




A pretty scarf from J. Crew:



A flight of truffles. Yes, please.


Candy hearts PJ pants:




P.S. I predict a family pizza and animated movie party here at Fancy Pants Ranch on 2/14.




2 thoughts on “Valentine Gifts

  1. My loved ones are getting a one pound gummy bear. But the 2 of them have to share it.

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