Winter Travel Packing

Have you ever gone on a trip and felt like you’d packed perfectly?

One of my many obsessions is packing for travel, and while I don’t always get it right, there have been a few times where I felt like I absolutely nailed it.

My trip last fall to Vancouver, BC, for work was one of those times.

Since it was November, the clothes I brought were decidedly on the warm side, but I anchored almost every outfit around just two great pieces:

Comfortable flat boots for walking everywhere:


(Unfortunately, I’ve been wearing these boots to death since I got them a year ago. Just last week I thought to myself, “These boots are perfect!” And then the zipper broke about twenty minutes later when I was taking them off. Argh. I hope I can get them repaired, because it looks like my size in black is now sold out).

A stylish but warm coat:



One thing I discovered is that if you’re traveling somewhere in the fall or winter, it almost doesn’t matter (almost!) what you’re wearing under the coat if you’re walking around sightseeing, because all most people see is the outer layer, anyway.

Hence, the importance of a really good coat topped off with a few bright accessories.

Recently I went way down the rabbit hole reading a series of posts about living and traveling in Paris on Oh Happy Day, one of my favorite sites.

The post I kept coming back to was titled “How to Pack for Paris in the Winter with Just a Carry-on Bag.”

This packing list really hits a home run. It took major restraint for me not to buy every single thing on it, plus airline tickets to France.

This is exactly what I want to wear.

P.S. If you, too, are obsessed with all things packing and travel, I highly recommend Travel Fashion Girl.



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