The Return of Fluffy Bunny

Last December I discovered FarmHouse Fresh products when I went on a solo trip to my favorite destination spa.

The products have witty names like Front Porch Punch soap.

But there was one scent that kept me coming back for another sniff: Fluffy Bunny.

Unknown Unknown-1

Although not this type of bunny, but OMG, I just want to squeeze these bunnies.

This is it:


This shea butter hand cream has a smell that’s hard to define. I’d describe it as candy-like. The website calls it a blend of mint julep and lavender. Either way, it’s sweet and appealing.

I bought a tube in December, but it mysteriously vanished in January.

The kids continued to deny knowledge of its whereabouts and I searched everywhere I could think of to no avail. Old gym bag? No. Rarely used carry-on? No. Office? No.

Since these products are in limited distribution, I resigned myself to either ordering up a new tube or waiting for a return to the spa next year.

Imagine my happiness when I found FarmHouse Fresh products at the boutique of the hotel where I was staying for my conference in San Antonio last week.

They even had Fluffy Bunny hand cream.

I bought two tubes this time, though, just in case.





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