Nordstrom Customer Service

Nordstrom’s customer service is legendary, and last week I experienced it.

Last month I wrote about how the zipper on a perfect pair of boots disintegrated, and – miracle of miracles! – I found the box and receipt for them.


I bought them in the fall of 2013.

I can’t even argue their recent purchase. They are old.

And used.

But I love them, and last weekend I took them to Nordstrom and asked if there was a way I could order (and pay) for a new pair.

The salesperson took one look at them and said, “We’ll send them to George’s.”

What she was saying: Nordstrom would send them out to be repaired. At no cost to me. And they would send them back to me, fresh and new, ASAP.


Major props to you, Nordstrom.

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