How To Be a First Class Airline Passenger

Last week the travel section of our local newspaper ran an interesting article about how to gain the favor of flight attendants.

While I wouldn’t follow all the tips (Bring homemade treats to share? Ummm, no), some of them were worth repeating.

  • Say hello. I’m occasionally guilty of boarding a flight and not greeting the attendant at the door. As the article pointed out, how would you like to say “hi” to more than a hundred people and have them all ignore you?
  • Thank them on the way out. This is my own tip, but I usually try to thank the flight attendants as I deplane.
  • Wheels in. Stowing your carry-on bag the right way saves them from hauling it out later on and performing an airline version of Tetris.
  •  Offer your magazines to the crew once you’ve read them. Waiting around the airport is boring. This week’s “People?” Yes, please.
  • Take your headphones off when they’re speaking to you. 
  • If you’re ordering coffee, be specific about what you want in it. Cream? Two sugars?

And the best way to get upgraded: Dress well. No sweatpants.

Other tips are here.

I’m heading back to Orlando today for a quick work trip, so this is particularly timely for me!

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