Macrame: It’s Baaack

My crafty sister took a macramé class in approximately 1978 and churned out something like this:


I didn’t give it much thought, but in retrospect, there was also a hanging planter like this:


I vaguely recall that this hanger also had a shelf made of a cross-section of a tree, shellacked to death with little drippy bits of sealant on the bottom of the natural wood.

And then macrame died.

Until now.

I first started seeing the resurrection of macramé in serious design-y places like Jonathan Adler’s home a few years ago.


Image from Pinterest, but it’s from Jonathan Adler’s vacation home.

I died for this.

The oversized scale and the retro-ness of it all added up to pure heaven.

Maryanne Moodie is modern macrame darling. Here’s one of her pieces:


I’m just obsessed.

I would love, love, love to have one of these bright, super-scaled macrame works hanging on the wall of Fancy Pants Ranch.

While I’m good at tying knots in the OR, though, I am not certain this skill translates to fiber art.

P.S. Here’s a DIY version. 

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