How To Be a First Class Airline Passenger

Last week the travel section of our local newspaper ran an interesting article about how to gain the favor of flight attendants.

While I wouldn’t follow all the tips (Bring homemade treats to share? Ummm, no), some of them were worth repeating.

  • Say hello. I’m occasionally guilty of boarding a flight and not greeting the attendant at the door. As the article pointed out, how would you like to say “hi” to more than a hundred people and have them all ignore you?
  • Thank them on the way out. This is my own tip, but I usually try to thank the flight attendants as I deplane.
  • Wheels in. Stowing your carry-on bag the right way saves them from hauling it out later on and performing an airline version of Tetris.
  •  Offer your magazines to the crew once you’ve read them. Waiting around the airport is boring. This week’s “People?” Yes, please.
  • Take your headphones off when they’re speaking to you. 
  • If you’re ordering coffee, be specific about what you want in it. Cream? Two sugars?

And the best way to get upgraded: Dress well. No sweatpants.

Other tips are here.

I’m heading back to Orlando today for a quick work trip, so this is particularly timely for me!

Mini Me

Sometimes the conversations with my kids steer off in a direction I’d never considered.

Like this one time.

And today.

I was rushing around, per usual, and Trixie (6) was leisurely eating a (pretty gross) mixture of about three different breakfast cereals.

(Her choice here, People! I was not forcing her to have little random bits of cereal dust from several boxes. At least not today).

Trixie: Dad said I’m your clone. What does that mean?

Me: Well, it means we’re almost exactly alike.

Me: We both like fancy things.

Me: We both like sparkly jewelry.

Me: We both like lip gloss.

Trixie: And we both loooooooove to eat!

Parenting is so repeatedly humbling.

Happy weekend!




First Outdoor Run of the Year

Last weekend the temps soared out of the single digits to the solid mid-double digit range.

Time for an outdoor run.

(And yes, I am a baby. I despise sub-zero temps and ice slippage with its resultant injuries, so I will mostly run indoors in the winter).


Not Me.


Also Not Me.


Definitely not me.

I have actually run outdoors many times this year, just not in my hometown.

Because the weather here is generally terrible. 

Last Sunday, I set out to change that.

The first run of the year is always – every 25+ years into the process – a bit of a culture shock.

There’s no streaming Netflix to watch, no clean towel to wipe away sweat, no convenient water fountain and no climate controlled temperature like on the treadmill at the gym.

And there’s wind, traffic, uneven sidewalks, and other unexpected obstacles.

But there’s also sunshine, lung-piercing fresh air, and (often) solitude, which is just the way I like it.

I also find that I generally run a lot faster outdoors than in; I feel like I get to let my natural pace take over and it’s usually more varied but overall quicker than any workout I’d set on the treadmill.

Bring it on, Spring.

Nordstrom Customer Service

Nordstrom’s customer service is legendary, and last week I experienced it.

Last month I wrote about how the zipper on a perfect pair of boots disintegrated, and – miracle of miracles! – I found the box and receipt for them.


I bought them in the fall of 2013.

I can’t even argue their recent purchase. They are old.

And used.

But I love them, and last weekend I took them to Nordstrom and asked if there was a way I could order (and pay) for a new pair.

The salesperson took one look at them and said, “We’ll send them to George’s.”

What she was saying: Nordstrom would send them out to be repaired. At no cost to me. And they would send them back to me, fresh and new, ASAP.


Major props to you, Nordstrom.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Half Marathon

Last year my friend B. proposed that we run a destination race together, along with her sister-in-law J.

B. and J. are both totally fun and super cool, so my immediate response was “yes!”

Except that I didn’t quite imagine that the race would be here:


This is Dublin, folks. As in Ireland.

B. suggested the Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin half-marathon, which is scheduled for August 2nd, 2015.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love running destination races and the best way to see a city is on foot. 

Here’s a description of the course from the event website:

Starting in Dublin’s Docklands area, running along the north side of the Liffey River, runners are in for a treat as they pass all of the fan favorites!  After crossing over Memorial Bridge onto the south side, the route passes the famous Ha’Penny bridge (cue the photo opps!), Christ Church Cathedral, Brazen Head Pub (Ireland’s oldest pub), James Joyce Museum, and of course, no tour of Dublin would be complete without… the Guinness Brewery.  Although, the smell of hops and barley will be fleeting, as runners continue on past the Royal Hospital and Kilmainham Gaol into Phoenix Park, one of the largest walled city parks in Europe.   It’s there that the journey turns scenic as the route winds its way through the lush park, taking in the Wellington Monument, the Papal Cross, the President’s House (Áras an Uachtaráin) and the famous Dublin Zoo, finishing with a rockin’ concert in the park!

I’ve never been to Ireland so this is going to be a huge adventure. 

I’m hoping to kick my training up a notch and have a great race.

And I’m already starting to get excited.

P.S. If you’ve done this race or visited Ireland before, please send me tips!

Platform Sandals

Ring, ring! The 90s called and they want their sandals back.

Platform sandals seem to be everywhere for spring/summer ’15.

Here’s the Nordstrom shoe department yesterday:

IMG_6107 IMG_6108 IMG_6109 IMG_6110

The first pic of black platforms reminds me so much of my friend and ex-roommate S’s chunky Steve Maddens from 1994 that I can’t stand it.

(By “can’t stand it” I mean that I pre-ordered them for purchase during the Nordstrom Triple Point event happing March 18-22. They’re going to send them to me. Thank you, Nordstrom!)

The second pic is a pair of platform Tevas. Yes, Tevas. 

The others are Topshop for Nordstrom.

Here’s a J. Crew version:


Would you try these? Obviously I’m biting.