The Costs of Working

So, it turns out that your job is really costing you more than your health or sanity.

Tim Grant’s recent article added up the “hidden costs” of working, and it gave me pause.

Here’s the idea: a typical workday is loaded with fixed expenses (parking fees, bus pass, tolls, etc) as well as small, insignificant purchases (umm, daily coffee?) that can really add up.

Thus, the true cost of holding a job is rarely appreciated.

Where the money goes, on average, per week:

  • Gas and transportation: $67
  • Lunch: $29
  • Coffee: $10

In a given year, that tallies to nearly $3500 on gas, $1500 on lunch and $520 on coffee.

Men also appear to be bigger work-related spenders (i.e. less cost-conscious on work-related spending) than women. Huh.

I’m lucky in that my current commute is a mere 3 miles (the huge improvement in my overall wellbeing from my former 45-90 minute commute – each way – cannot be overstated), I have free parking, and I bring my lunch every day.

But that coffee cost is real. 

While we do have free coffee at my workplace (doctors love coffee and all), it is pretty lousy. So I hit the coffee place across the street from my building every day for a fix.

I save money (a dime, but hey! It adds up) by bringing my own travel mug, and it’s a nice break during the day to take a few minutes to go over there. Given everything, I can live with $10 a week.

Series 7 Special Edition

In honor of its 60th anniversary, there are two special editions of Arne Jacobsen’s Series 7 chair available now: pink and gold (!!!) and dark blue and black.


Picture from Design Within Reach

We have a knock-off set of six black ones that we use in our dining room, so I probably won’t bite, but that pink one would be a really cool accent piece.

Find them here.

Admiration for Un-Fancy

I really dig the concept of Un-Fancy, a self-described minimalist fashion blog.

The idea behind it is to build a capsule wardrobe, a “mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you totally LOVE to wear.”

How great is that?

So, to be clear, this is basically the opposite of my exploding closet.

Caroline, the blogger behind Un-Fancy, advocates for a 37 piece wardrobe (15 tops, 9 bottoms, 9 pairs of shoes, 2 jackets and 2 dresses), with some substitutions in or out every season.

Interested? Check out her advice for building your own capsule wardrobe. 

The only bummer? The day I stumbled on Un-Fancy, the site said that the blog was going on hiatus for several months, but even the archive is new to me.

Check it out!

Beezus and Ramona Writing Prompt

Trixie’s (6) kindergarten class is reading Beezus and Ramona, a book series I loved as a child.


Last week her teacher sent me this picture that Trixie drew after a writing prompt:

uncle hobart

Caption: I think Uncle Hobart will marry Aunt Bea


Here’s what she wrote about it:

We are reading the Ramona books and we are reading the one where Ramona and Beezus’ aunt marries Uncle Hobart, and I decided to have a writing prompt about it. When I reviewed all of them this morning, I laughed when I got to Trixie’s. I love how Uncle Hobart has the ring and the box, and how Aunt Beatrice has a surprised look on her face. But most of all, I really dig Uncle Hobart’s beard.

You raging hipster, Uncle Hobart!

P.S. Writing prompt on the next page reads: “If I could wish on a shooting start I would wish for an American Girl doll.” No surprise there.


Buzz, Buzz

J. Crew just announced a charity collaboration with the Xerces Society, which is an organization fighting to save bees. 

As a person who loves fruits, vegetables and flowers, I value the work of our apian friends and am concerned about their decline.

Half of of the proceeds from these cute shirts go to the society:

E1190_KL1404 C8000_KL1221

The gray one is the adult version and the white is for kids.

While she has many nicknames, I often call Trixie “Bumblebee,” so I’m really getting the urge to get one for her.

And while I’m not much for matchy-matchy Mom and Daughter wear, I think I just may need one for myself, too.





Sundry Clothing

I recently discovered the super cool, casual clothing brand Sundry. 

Since I wear suits to work every day I tend to wear relaxed pieces when I’m off duty, but I like them to have a certain aesthetic.

I loved these three pieces so much I had to make them mine:

20849-DEFAULT-l 32_large 20761-DEFAULT-m

The 3/4 sleeve sweatshirt is the prettiest, most vibrant orange color and it’s also one of the softest I own.

Here are a few other Sundry looks that caught my eye:

13S-0014-C-FL_large 01-0003A53-S-B_large 12-0056-B-F_large

Check out the cool dress! It even has pockets.