Easter Recap

A few snaps from yesterday.


Fact #1: When you go to Target at 6 PM the night before Easter, you do not exactly get the best candy selection, which is why our baskets featured bunny-shaped marshmallows as a primary treat. (Not even Peeps, these were straight-up mallows).


Fact #2: There was one great score, however, a giant (maybe 15″) chocolate bunny from Williams and Sonoma. Except there was just one left, so it had to be shared. Cue sibling fighting.


Fact #3: The fact that the candy supply was shabby was overshadowed by the $1 bills in six of the plastic eggs. The kids thought they were millionaires!

Fact #4: Despite significant efforts by Spouse and me (including a post-midnight bedtime), the entire Egg Hunt and Basket Finding Mission was over in about three minutes. 


Parting shot: A little dog is dressed for Easter, and these Ponies are out for a joyride.

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