Just Want Now: Apple Watch

I developed an unhealthy obsession for the Apple watch last week.


Photo from Forbes.com

It wasn’t even really on my radar screen until my co-worker C. told me she woke up in the middle of the night to order one. After several minutes of refreshing the screen, success! She got the watch plus two cute interchangeable bands.

The next day we had a few minutes to kill before a meeting, and we looked at the online tutorial at the Apple store.

From a fitness standpoint alone, the Apple watch had me sold since it tracks heart rate, distance and so much more.

We also discovered that our workplace already developed a specific app to work with the Apple watch that allows doctors to get information about their patients, including who’s waiting in the waiting room, which clinic patients are ready to be seen, and their vital signs like blood pressure, weight, etc.

My prediction: doctors at my institution will soon get a notice that if we buy an Apple watch and use the app, work will cover part of the price. Cha-ching! This would be so awesome.

That prediction really isn’t so far-fetched; when the iPad came out, they also developed several proprietary apps for our workplace and if physicians wanted to get an iPad, we got about half the cost covered by work. Fingers crossed for the watch!

(BTW: I had almost convinced myself so thoroughly that this would be happening that I had a watch and some bands in my basket until Spouse thoroughly put the kibosh on my magical thinking).

Are you getting an Apple watch?

P.S. This made me laugh: Spouse also described the $10k gold version of the Apple watch as “the world’s best douchebag detector.” I guess he doesn’t know about the $17k rose gold one.

P.P.S. I also totally get the irony that I am pining over the same douche-y luxury item, yet somehow since I want the regular stainless style and not the gold one, I am conveniently giving myself a pass. More magical thinking!

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