Buzz, Buzz

J. Crew just announced a charity collaboration with the Xerces Society, which is an organization fighting to save bees. 

As a person who loves fruits, vegetables and flowers, I value the work of our apian friends and am concerned about their decline.

Half of of the proceeds from these cute shirts go to the society:

E1190_KL1404 C8000_KL1221

The gray one is the adult version and the white is for kids.

While she has many nicknames, I often call Trixie “Bumblebee,” so I’m really getting the urge to get one for her.

And while I’m not much for matchy-matchy Mom and Daughter wear, I think I just may need one for myself, too.





Sundry Clothing

I recently discovered the super cool, casual clothing brand Sundry. 

Since I wear suits to work every day I tend to wear relaxed pieces when I’m off duty, but I like them to have a certain aesthetic.

I loved these three pieces so much I had to make them mine:

20849-DEFAULT-l 32_large 20761-DEFAULT-m

The 3/4 sleeve sweatshirt is the prettiest, most vibrant orange color and it’s also one of the softest I own.

Here are a few other Sundry looks that caught my eye:

13S-0014-C-FL_large 01-0003A53-S-B_large 12-0056-B-F_large

Check out the cool dress! It even has pockets.



Fake Swear Words

One thing I clearly remember about my dear father – who died nearly 13 years ago – was that he never, ever swore.

Personally, I find that well-timed profanity can really punctuate a conversation and/or emphasize a point, but if I’m honest, sailor-talk just really isn’t all that classy.


Wear an animal? Yes. Use a four-letter word? Not on your life.

Don’t get me wrong, my Dad would occasionally get angry or frustrated – especially when the Green Bay Packers were losing – but when pushed to the brink, he would use his favorite non-swear curse word, one I think he entirely made up on his own: Ratchin’-fatchin’.

Ratchin’-fatchin’ doesn’t really have a definition and wasn’t a stand-in (a la “Shut the front door!”) for a similar profane word or phrase. It stood alone and proved to be quite versatile.

I stumbled across this list of fake swear words earlier this week (my favorite? Blurgh, as uttered by one of the all-time best female characters on TV, “30 Rock’s” Liz Lemon), and I had to laugh out loud.

However, I would respectfully like to submit “ratchin’-fatchin” to the list. TV writers, you’re welcome!

Tax Surprise


Never ones to rush tax season, Spouse and I filed our returns this year on April 14th.

Or so we thought.

A panic-inducing email from our accountant at 9 PM that night indicated that our tax returns were rejected because the IRS indicated that they had already been filed – by someone else.

Tax related identity theft occurs when someone else steals your social security number and files a claim with it – usually early in the tax season – and scoops up any refund that you may have coming.

This crime is also on the rise – up 60% in recent years.

The super tragedy: this was the one year where we were slated to get a federal refund instead of paying more. D’Oh!

Spouse spent the morning of the 15th scrambling around to get paper taxes filed and sent, filing an affidavit with the IRS for identity theft, and reporting to the police. I contacted my employer’s office of physician staff services and they informed me that I was in good company: dozens of doctors where I work were also affected. We seem to have been targeted as part of a large scam. Argh.

Here are the steps we were advised to take:

  • File current taxes on paper by April 15th
  • Contact the IRS Identity Protection Unit
  • File an Identity Theft affidavit with the IRS
  • File a report with the local police
  • Report the incident to the Federal Trade Commission
  • Contact the fraud department of all major credit bureaus
  • Contact the Social Security Administration
  • Report to our local Social Security office (show up in person)

What a pain.