Evereve Boutique

Last weekend I ventured into Evereve, a local boutique that I’ve heard a lot about but never visited.

I think the name turned me off.

It’s a palindrome, yes, but it just sounds weird. 

This boutique also recently underwent a name change from “Hot Mama” (also cringe-worthy to the nth degree) to its current moniker. Yikes.

Name aside, this place is boutique heaven. 

(Fortunately, even if you don’t live around here, their online presence is really good).

Walking in there made me feel like I was inside the world’s largest Stitch Fix box, because they featured a lot of the brands I’ve either received in a Fix or seen online in others’ Stitch Fix reviews. Think cool, unique pieces that no one else has from designers like Olive and Oak, Renee C, Skies Are Blue, Splendid, Escapada and Allison Joy.

I walked away with a scarf and these delicate earrings:


The earrings are super lightweight and feel very simple and modern. At $18, they were also a bargain.

A few other items caught my eye:


  1.  Sundry tee
  2. Another Sundry tee
  3. Off Duty cold shoulder top

P.S. Cold shoulder tops might be big for summer.



Alaska Prep


We’re headed to Alaska this summer on a Disney cruise, and while August is still a mere dream, an email last week reminded me that we could start booking shore excursions now.

The possibilities are almost overwhelming. Whale watching? Dog sledding? Salmon fishing? A helicopter trip to a glacier?

A deep dive into the reviews, offerings and a quick poll of the family gave us a shortlist of port adventures.

I think we’ve settled on a train trip, panning for gold, whale watching, salmon fishing and feasting (guys), and bear watching (girls). I’ve also got my eye on snagging a primo champagne brunch reservation for the grown-ups on the day that we slowly sail through Tracy Arm, a breathtaking fjord.

I’m also starting to think about packing.

I asked a lot of people I know who’ve been to Alaska for advice, and many suggested rain ponchos, bug spray, a waterproof backpack and binoculars for everyone in the family. We currently have one nice pair of binocs, but I see the value in getting even some extra collapsible cheapies for the times we’re split up.

I also want to take advantage of end-of-season sales to get some warm gear for the kids.

My son is the easiest to pack for; he wears whatever we bring with little fuss. Spouse is basically the same way, so after I made a quick packing list for MGM, I just copied it and added “suit and extra blazer” to make one for Spouse.

As for me, I want to bring stuff that’s appropriately rugged (and warm), but still with a lot of style. 

What’s on my short list:

jacket3 jecket2

I bought these jackets last fall, shortly after booking the Alaska trip (you have to do it so far in advance!), but I’ve kept them out of heavy rotation so far to keep them looking good.

The one on the left is the J. Crew Downtown Field Jacket, which is chic but sturdy (only downside: everyone else feels the same way; it’s ubiquitous), and the one on the right is from Athleta.

I went into Title Nine last weekend to check out a few things from their catalog, and I ended up getting a layering sweater in purple:


These Clamber pants also caught my eye, but I’m going to wait until a little closer to the trip to bite:



I love the fabric and I think these pants would be good for adventures off the boat (hiking) as well as to-and-fro-ing on the ship.

Everything I read also suggests bringing comfortable shoes. I think I’ll invest in some trail running shoes for hiking but plan for these to be my staple day pair, especially when we’re knocking around Vancouver, BC, for two days before sailing away.



What I’ll most certainly overpack is scarves. I have a zillion, I love to wear them, and nothing punches up a cold-weather outfit better, especially when you’re wearing the same coat over and over.

This new treasure is making the cut. The spots are neon pink. Love!


Photo from Evereve

One weird little thing: I hate taking ratty pajamas on a trip, so usually I get a few new pairs on sale for everyone in the family before we take off.

The cute PJ Salvage ones are on sale and right up my alley for a cold weather vacation:


I’m sure this list will continue to expand in the next few months… Can you tell I’m getting excited to go?











Just Want Now: Apple Watch

I developed an unhealthy obsession for the Apple watch last week.


Photo from Forbes.com

It wasn’t even really on my radar screen until my co-worker C. told me she woke up in the middle of the night to order one. After several minutes of refreshing the screen, success! She got the watch plus two cute interchangeable bands.

The next day we had a few minutes to kill before a meeting, and we looked at the online tutorial at the Apple store.

From a fitness standpoint alone, the Apple watch had me sold since it tracks heart rate, distance and so much more.

We also discovered that our workplace already developed a specific app to work with the Apple watch that allows doctors to get information about their patients, including who’s waiting in the waiting room, which clinic patients are ready to be seen, and their vital signs like blood pressure, weight, etc.

My prediction: doctors at my institution will soon get a notice that if we buy an Apple watch and use the app, work will cover part of the price. Cha-ching! This would be so awesome.

That prediction really isn’t so far-fetched; when the iPad came out, they also developed several proprietary apps for our workplace and if physicians wanted to get an iPad, we got about half the cost covered by work. Fingers crossed for the watch!

(BTW: I had almost convinced myself so thoroughly that this would be happening that I had a watch and some bands in my basket until Spouse thoroughly put the kibosh on my magical thinking).

Are you getting an Apple watch?

P.S. This made me laugh: Spouse also described the $10k gold version of the Apple watch as “the world’s best douchebag detector.” I guess he doesn’t know about the $17k rose gold one.

P.P.S. I also totally get the irony that I am pining over the same douche-y luxury item, yet somehow since I want the regular stainless style and not the gold one, I am conveniently giving myself a pass. More magical thinking!

Just Breathe

Oh, my.

This past week was just a roller coaster, even worse than usual.

Having people quite literally put their lives in your hands is an incredible privilege, but sometimes it just shatters you in the process.

I was reminded of this over and over, especially when midnight found me fighting hard in the OR.

I cried three times with patients this week, which is way, way out of the norm and definitely something not usually taught in medical school.

Granted, once was a happy cry but the other two took me right to the edge.

I thought about it a lot, and my final analysis is this: if I ever get to a point that things don’t affect me to the core, I should probably quit being a doctor.

Hugging my own family extra tight this weekend.




Easter Recap

A few snaps from yesterday.


Fact #1: When you go to Target at 6 PM the night before Easter, you do not exactly get the best candy selection, which is why our baskets featured bunny-shaped marshmallows as a primary treat. (Not even Peeps, these were straight-up mallows).


Fact #2: There was one great score, however, a giant (maybe 15″) chocolate bunny from Williams and Sonoma. Except there was just one left, so it had to be shared. Cue sibling fighting.


Fact #3: The fact that the candy supply was shabby was overshadowed by the $1 bills in six of the plastic eggs. The kids thought they were millionaires!

Fact #4: Despite significant efforts by Spouse and me (including a post-midnight bedtime), the entire Egg Hunt and Basket Finding Mission was over in about three minutes. 


Parting shot: A little dog is dressed for Easter, and these Ponies are out for a joyride.

Intelligentsia Coffee

A few years ago, I was in Chicago and went to a comedy show (ok, a puppet comedy show – this one – and I know how dorky that sounds), and they never missed an opportunity to skewer Intelligentsia Coffee for being a pretentious hipster hangout.


And since there isn’t an Intelligentsia outpost near me, I still haven’t made it there.

Except: my local Target had a fire sale last week on Intelligentsia beans, and I picked up a bag of Frequency Blend and one of El Gallo Organic Breakfast Blend.

I cracked open the Frequency Blend a few days ago, and I have to say, I am impressed. Those beans made a damn fine cup of joe, even in the decidedly un-fancy Mister Coffee machine I’ve been using for the past year.

(Even worse, I am still using the same entry-level bean grinder I’ve had since college, which has zero settings and basically offers no control over the grind. Some day I will upgrade again to a nicer coffee maker, but I’ve been paralyzed by indecision).

I checked out Intelligentsia’s homepage and discovered that they offer monthly barista classes, which sound like something I would absolutely love to do.

In the meantime, though, I’ll settle for the Brew Guides in their iPhone app.

Made me laugh:


Lifetime Movie


I’m still not sure what to think about this, but Spouse sent me a hilarious link about a supposed Lifetime movie starring Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell.


Real movie, fake movie, April Fool’s joke, or whatever, the fact that he sent it still made me laugh.

Because the secret truth is that I love a good Lifetime movie, the cornier and the more innocent-girl-gets-caught-up-in-deadly-murder/prostitution/drug/adoption scam-ring, the better.

Have you seen this gem?