Lifetime Movie


I’m still not sure what to think about this, but Spouse sent me a hilarious link about a supposed Lifetime movie starring Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell.

Real movie, fake movie, April Fool’s joke, or whatever, the fact that he sent it still made me laugh.

Because the secret truth is that I love a good Lifetime movie, the cornier and the more innocent-girl-gets-caught-up-in-deadly-murder/prostitution/drug/adoption scam-ring, the better.

Have you seen this gem?



The kids had a blast dyeing Easter eggs last night.

One advantage of being a physician: lots of old “art clothes” for the kids to wear.


These scrubs are left over from med school. Why do I still have them? Why?

Tip for extra bright eggs: Dissolve the dye tablet in 3-4 tablespoons of vinegar, no water. Extra saturated eggs.

Here’s the final product, minus one sampled by Trixie:


This project required only two fistfights to complete, mostly due to haggling over who got to fish the eggs out of the dye using the bendy wire thingy that comes with the dye kit.

Happy Easter!


Unfulfilled Dreams

Last week I was working out and having one of those days where I just felt on fire. 

All cylinders were clicking and I had energy to spare.

And then one of my all-time favorite running songs came on, “She Sells Sanctuary” by The Cult.

I love, love, love this song for a lot of reasons, but one of them is the strong drum line.

Which led me to wistfully think, “I wish I knew how to play the drums.”

It’s been a passing dream on and off since college, but I’ve occasionally wished to not only know how to play the drums, but also to be a drummer in a band.

Preferably a totally cool, all-girl one.


Cindy Blackman Santana, a kick-ass girl drummer.

An unfulfilled dream is totally different from a regret.

An unfulfilled dream is a wistful pondering, and frankly, might be something that could still happen.

A regret is a cringeworthy humiliation that is better suppressed in the past than brought into the now.

Two other unfulfilled dreams:


Image from Jezebel

  • Go to surf school. Specifically, this one. I got really close, twice, but it hasn’t worked out yet. But I’ll get there.


  • Roller derby. The renaissance of roller derby came just a wee bit late for me. If I was 20, hell yeah! But at 42, I value my dental work too much to seriously take this sport up.

What about you?

P.S. A low-stakes regret, but still a regret: I did not go to New York City until I was 31 years old. I feel like I missed out on many adventures. Sigh.