EPCOT Flower and Garden Expo 2015

The past week and the upcoming two are chock-full of travel. 

Last weekend found me in Orlando for the third time this year.

Ok, I am a total dork and love Orlando, so this is fine with me, even though I feel like this guy:

I was ostensibly speaking at a conference – which I did, I swear! – but Sunday was a down day for me.

Since I was staying near EPCOT Center at one of my favorite hotels, I decided to walk over to EPCOT for the afternoon.

Turns out, the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival was happening while I was there, and I have to say, it was totally charming.

Numerous topiaries are created for the event and scattered throughout the park:

epcot9 epcot12 epcot22 epcot20 epcot17 epcot8 epcot3

This one was my favorite:


Miss Piggy, one of my fashion inspirations


You can even buy a form to create your own at topiary at home:


Many of the other areas in the park were bedazzled with plants and flowers:

epcot11 epcot10 epcot13 epcot2

Special food and drink offerings were also available at many outdoor kitchens during the event.

Since I’ve been on a sugar/alcohol/gluten detox for the past month, I didn’t want to blow it by indulging, but I did enjoy some cucumber and mint spa water from the Urban Kitchen stand:


Since it was about 90 degrees with 90% humidity, this hit the spot.

And Disney being Disney and all, there were merchandise opportunities:


Astroturf Ears


This was an unexpectedly fun day. It was great to stumble upon an event like this.

One last snap of EPCOT at night:






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