Cocktail Menu

I rarely drink cocktails, but I’m intrigued by the whole artisanal cocktail culture.

Unfortunately, though, I often can’t think of a single thing to order if I’m somewhere cocktails are being served.

This is actually harder than it sounds, as your drink of choice says something about you, and I feel compelled to strike a balance between lame (Red Bull and vodka) and douche-y (ironically, also Red Bull and vodka, although small-batch vodka with hand carved ice).

Entertaining at home is also a stressor: what to serve? We don’t have any liquor at our house right now, so even setting up a basic bar would require an investment.

Yesterday I had a long wait by myself before lunch, and I snapped a few pics from the restaurant’s bar menu in case I ever felt inspired.

This banana martini is a liquid dessert. Yum.

ayimage image  image image

Here’s lunch when it finally came:


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