Why I Stopped Blogging For Almost A Month

Basically, I felt overwhelmed.


In every regard.

What was happening:

  • School was in session. In the early summer, I usually teach a course for medical students. I so look forward to this every year! While it’s only about 12 hours of instruction, it takes a lot of work. There is one day where we spend the afternoon practicing delivering fake babies, suturing and otherwise doing doctor-y stuff that takes a lot of set-up, volunteers and general coordination. It went off without a hitch. Whew.
  • It was graduation season. There were several events marking the end of the year at the hospital (official rollover is July 1), including a department-wide banquet (where I also hosted the guest speaker, a fabulous and outspoken OBGYN who is a friend), and then there was this…
  • We had a cocktail party at Fancy Pants Ranch. I might write a separate post about this, but we feted a dear friend and colleague with a liquor tasting and cocktail party for 20 at our house. My divine plan to serve a caviar bar got thwarted through poor planning (I waited to order until the last minute and then the Dean and Deluca site crashed; argh), so I ended up scrambling to make the food myself (with significant help from my sister and Mom). And you all know how much I hate domestic chores.
  • I directed a medical course! For the past five-ish years, I have been speaking at a continuing medical education course that is coordinated by our institution. Public speaking is basically a drug to me; I am a total ham and love a captive audience. This year I got invited to be one of the course directors and of course I immediately said yes. I will post something separate about this, too, but the course was last week in Chicago, which is one of my favorite places to visit.
  • School’s out for summer! For my kids, I mean. Lots of last-minute stuff there, too, although most of it was expertly handled by Ever Patient Spouse.
  • Speaking of Spouse, he really got the short end of the stick lately, since within the last month it was his birthday, our 17th anniversary (which I almost totally forgot. I didn’t even get him a card. I know. I am horrible), and Father’s Day – which I spent at a work event.
  • I fell off the nutrition wagon. That one hurts to type. I was doing so well for about two months and felt fantastic on a super healthy eating regimen, and then the combination of stress, cheese, the opening of a great new Italian restaurant in our city, and leftover wine from the party at our house derailed me.

That’s mostly the gist of things, minus some additional shenanigans.

Thank you to the handful of people who asked if I was ok. That was great, and I guess the answer is yes.

Truthfully, I couldn’t bear to open up the blog because it felt shameful. This has been such a fun hobby for me and I felt like not writing was another area where I was letting myself down.

But something changed this morning.

Maybe it was because I went to bed early and slept well.

Maybe it was because I had a lighter day at work than usual.

Maybe it was because I got my nutrition on track yesterday and went for an extra-long weeknight run.

Or maybe I just got my mojo back.

Whatever the precipitant, I woke up feeling optimistic and ready to be back.

I also got this great new mug with my morning coffee and I think it perfectly summarizes how I’m feeling right now:

happy mug

One more thought:

head above water



5 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Blogging For Almost A Month

  1. I’ve been wondering about YOU!! Happy to see you in my inbox today. I thought you left us for Twitter. Thanks for coming back. You brighten my days and make me feel like I’m not alone in this crazy and chaotic life!

  2. Welcome back! So glad to see you were busy with mostly good things. But also mad you never have time when you are in Chicago. I will get over it though . . . Eventually.

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