Au Revoir, Kindergarten!

Trixie (6) finished kindergarten last week.

<<< Sniff >>>

I digress.

She loved her teacher, Miss K.C., so much that she wanted to create a piece of art for her.


Miss K.C. is a bit of a Francophile, which is reflected in this work depicting her staring at the Eiffel Tower, thinking about the Eiffel Tower (in thought bubble), and being surrounded by her oh-so-French accessories, a ros (rose), bray (beret), and baget (baguette, but you knew that).

I love that girl’s imagination!

Thanks for a great year, Miss K.C!

P.S. While artwork is – of course – priceless, I loved Miss K.C. so much on Trixie’s behalf that I augmented the gift with a nice check to contribute to a real trip to Pair-ee. Bon voyage!


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