The One Thing I Bought

Well, dogs and cats are sleeping together, hell froze over, etc. – because I’ve been on a shopping diet.

To be clear: it’s not that I didn’t want to shop, but lately I just didn’t have the time.

My one consolation prize in the recent past is this J. Crew cut off sweatshirt:


I felt obligated to buy it since I had a $50 J. Crew Rewards card that was burning a hole in my pocket. With a 30% off code from a recent sale, I got it for less than my Rewards card was valued. Score!

Some reviews complained that the seams are scratchy.

That’s valid. 

But overall, it’s a cute summer piece that will see lots of rotation.

P.S. Pink was my pick, but now I’m thinking white might have been more versatile. I’ll mostly wear it around Fancy Pants Ranch in the most casual way, so in the end, it’s your call!

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