Mara Hoffman Patio Dresses

Ok, I am seriously wishing to host or be invited to the kind of laidback summer backyard party that calls for wearing one of these Mara Hoffman beauties:

mara1 mara2 mara3

I love that they are casual, cool and retro all at the same time.

This one is on sale, which makes it more of a contender:


P.S. The brand just launched a new line of active wear, including full-length bodysuits (oh, dear).

P.P.S. There is also a rumored collaboration with S’well water bottles featuring classic Mara prints launching soon.




2 thoughts on “Mara Hoffman Patio Dresses

  1. HAHA! Reminds me of me and my mom when we’s always our remark at the cash register.. “now all I’m missing is a pool party!”

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