Sweet Suite

Imagine my surprise two weeks ago when I checked into my room at the Westin River North in Chicago and discovered this suite:

june15 june13 june9


Since this was a work trip, I didn’t get a chance to lounge on the sofa and watch TV or hold a dinner for six at the dining table.

Oh, well.

The bathrooms (Yes. Plural) were the best part.

They were black marble and straight out of the 1980s.

Cue Michael Douglas to be barking orders into the wall phone while sitting on the toilet.

june14 june10june11

I also did not partakeĀ of the mirrored tub.

Oddly enough, this was my favorite part of the suite:


My own professional clothes steamer!

Not that I know how to use this or would really even consider trying it out, I loved knowing it was there for wrinkle emergencies.

Thank you, Westin River North! Upgrade me any time (please).

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