Cosmetics Edit – Old Friends

Yesterday I posted about my closet edit, creating a summer tee and tank capsule wardrobe.

Since I’ve been in a shop-my-own-closet mindset, I next turned my attention to my huge collection of beauty freebies and pilfered hotel toiletries.


So, yeah, I never met a tiny shampoo that I didn’t like.

I’ve been steadily using up all of my stash, and in the process I re-discovered some old favorites.

Mini shower gels are probably my most-hoarded products, and this Red Flower Ocean Purifying Body Wash is fabulous but nearly unicorn-difficult to come by.

Fortunately, H20 Plus’ Sea Salt Body Wash is similar enough, and -score! – it’s copiously available on Disney Cruises, where I’ve managed to acquire a formidable stash.



Lately I’ve also been loving this Revision Intellishade Matte SPF45 tinted moisturizer.


I was lucky enough to recently get several small samples, and I’m hooked. Seriously, this stuff is great. The high SPF is a huge bonus, too. I’m halfway through my samples and torn between ordering a full-sized tube and keeping the samples for travel or just carrying on with the shop-my-closet program and using up the minis.

Two re-discovered (unexpired) lipsticks also are getting heavy rotation. The first is Dubai by Susan Posnick and the second is Blue Raspberry by Bobbi Brown. These are both perfect neutrals.

DubaiSmall bluerasp

The last re-discovered gem is this One Love Organics Neroli Body Serum.


The citrus-y scent is nice for summer and the texture provides sheen.

Overall, shopping my closet has been a fun experiment and using-rather-than-losing-out feels satisfying.




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