Spending = Values

Along with the paring-down mood I’ve been in lately, I’ve been trying to be more conscious of how we spend our money.


I saw this quote paraphrased in a story about tiny-apartment living, and it really struck a chord:

Your values are how you spend your money and your time.

Huh. Apparently I really, really value J. Crew. (Kidding! Kind of).

A little deeper search on this idea brought me to this NYT article by financial planner Carl Richards.

The topic resonates so much with me lately, especially because Mr. Richards mentioned that he realized that spending time with his family and friends was a top priority.

When he examined his recent credit card statements, though, he saw that he had spent a significant amount of money on back-to-back work trips, which ultimately took him away from those same family and friends AND considerably depleted his piggy bank.

That last sentence perfectly describes the first half of 2015 for me.

It’s impossible to get your own (figurative and literal) house in order from 3,000 miles away.

This is why I’m looking forward to a quieter second half of 2015, one that’s hopefully filled with more conscious spending of all resources – especially time.

3 thoughts on “Spending = Values

  1. Our credit card would look the same..but it’s been a constant balancing act raising four kids…striking the balance between providing for their needs and EVERYTHING else- college being their most expensive need.

    • The cost of college is frightening! A few years ago we did a calculator to see what we needed to save for our two kids. The number was almost unfathomable. My husband immediately declared, “I’m not paying for an Ivy League school!” (Honestly, not that this possibility is really even on the radar). The financial planning guy immediately said, “This is the projected cost of in state tuition at a public college.” I thought I’d need to do chest compressions on Spouse.

      • Our youngest is heading off to Virginia this fall to a fantastic school..one that is a great deal for people who are residents. (we are not- of course we are not!) I have to be honest, we saved like crazy people from the time the kids were born…had to say “no” to a lot of things we wanted. Not gonna lie, it was really hard (I was going to say it sucked..) we argued a lot..but in the final analysis, it was the right thing to do. PS- we bought tuition credits because NOTHING goes up as fast as tuition. In each of our kids’ cases, whatever the cost was freshman year, it was 10K more senior year. 😖😱🍸Lastly, let me just say..if your child was accepted to Harvard– you’d most likely scrounge up the $$…haha…tell your husband I said that! 😜

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