Tiny Living

The concept of tiny house living has recently really exploded, and like many people, I’m pretty fascinated by the phenomenon.

Yesterday I linked a post to this article about a family of four living in 650 square feet in Brooklyn.

The tiny-living family referenced watching a clip from a 2009 “Oprah” where the Mighty O visited Denmark, which was described as “the happiest country on Earth.”

In the episode, Oprah toured a spare apartment in Copenhagen inhabited by a family of five.


Screen shot from the episode

I’d randomly seen the show when it aired, and I, too, was awed by the bright, modern space.


Years later, I’m still dreaming about living in a glass box in the sky. Check out the video!

2 thoughts on “Tiny Living

  1. In a million years..I can’t see how my family could have survived in there..literally, my kids would have voted each other off the island..or in this case..out of the glass shoe box. I’m no detective, and I don’t doubt this woman’s story..that she really does have a husband and three yoghurt eating rug rats..but where were their tooth brushes, school books, even one stray pair of socks?..no evidence anywhere..hmmm. 😳 But hey, God bless them all..(if they do exist..haha)

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