Curiosity for Elizabeth & Clarke

I first heard about Elizabeth & Clarke several months ago on a subscription box review site. 

To date, Elizabeth & Clarke has been selling one thing: shirts.

Each season they introduce a very edited collection of tops and subscribers can choose to purchase one, two or three per quarter. They also have a limited “forever collection” to choose from if the seasonal designs don’t suit your fancy.

The price structure is also very fair: $30 for one, $25 each for two, or $20 each if you sign up to receive three.

The designs I’ve seen so far are modern, usually black or white, and almost always have an interesting detail.

Here’s a view of their Fall 2015 collection:

ec4 ec3 ec2 ec1

The back details make both of these special.

But what’s really tipping me over the edge is Elizabeth & Clarke’s new Unstainable White Shirt collection.

Here are two of the designs:

ec5 ec6

These look amazing! I especially like the white t shirt, which is called the Liz Lemon (the name makes me love it even more), and is only $25.

I’ve jealousy been seeing other bloggers review the shirts online, and they’re getting huge praise. 

As exciting as this seems, though, it looks like I’ll have to wait; the Elizabeth & Clarke Unstainable line is taking orders now for delivery in spring 2016. 


P.S. Spellcheck turned “Unstainable White Shirt” into “Unattainable White Shirt” which is downright accurate. Made me laugh.

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