Shout Out to Hitha On The Go

Deep, deep rabbit hole here: Hitha on the Go is probably my favorite new blog discovery of the year.

I stumbled upon this site – ostensibly designed for giving tips on packing fast and living better – and couldn’t come up for air.

I really dig the packing guides (this one on 10 days in Scandinavia is going to come in handy, pronto) and the generally awesome style.

I want to wear what she is wearing.

Hitha also introduced me to a new obsession: M.M. La Fleur, which is like an upscale Stitch Fix. [My own Bento Box is coming soon! Swoon].

And she re-invigorated my lust for the Lo & Sons Catalina weekender, which is currently on sale in some colors (but not the green one I am coveting).

Thank you, Hitha!

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