Like A Magpie: J. Crew Fall Jewelry


This definition of a magpie in the Oxford English Dictionary made me laugh:

Used in similes or comparisons to refer to a person who collects things, especially things of little use or value, or a person who chatters idly.

Yep, sounds familiar.

On that note, J. Crew’s first fall catalog arrived in my mailbox yesterday and it contains some delightful sparkly gems that are a magnet for my magpie mind.

This crystal foliage necklace is #1 on my Just Want Now list:


Look how great it is styled with a chambray shirt:


Same stones, cocktail ring version:


Two cuff bracelets (two images of the second one to show its wrap style):


I can’t decide which bracelet I like better. Both have their charms.

Or, if you want to go in an entirely different direction, these simple and modern pieces also caught my fancy:












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