Elizabeth & Clark Fall 2015 Review

I signed up for Elizabeth & Clarke a few months ago but just received my first collection last week.

I’d been hearing a lot about this quarterly subscription box that focuses on shirts.

Each season they debut a tightly edited collection, and your subscription allows you to order one, two or three of the pieces.

The pricing favors consumption: $30 for one per season, $25 each for two, and $20 each for three.

I picked the two-per-season option, which apparently is the most popular.

For Fall 2015, I selected the Whitney and the Isabella.

Here’s how E&C describes them:

The Whitney is an incredibly chic sweater in elegant heather gray. The fabric is structured, but soft. The design in simple in the front but daring in the back.

The Isabella top features a cool vegan leather collar in the front and drapey gather in the back.

Here’s how they look:


The Whitney


Pleated back

The fabric is really soft and this is more stylish than a sweatshirt. It’s still more of a casual piece, though.

The Isabella would be a great going-out top:

ec4 ec3

Here’s a close up of the collar detail:


I wore it to work with a black jacket and pants. The back was longer than the jacket but it worked together.

Overall, these are both a deal at $25 each.

I would describe the quality as somewhere between a fast-fashion store like Forever 21 and a slightly more expensive one like the Gap.

The shirts arrived last week and yesterday, I got an email previewing Elizabeth & Clarke’s Winter 2015 collection.

Unfortunately, that looks like a big disappointment for me.

There is a black t-shirt with a weird cut-out collar, a gray sweater with a faux blouse underneath and an asymmetrical camel vest.

None of these appealed to me, but the email message said that subscribers could request any shirts from past seasons and if the size and style is available, they’ll send them.

This seemed like a great alternative and I asked for the Swan and the Davis. Fingers crossed I can get them.





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