Disney Moms Panel 2016.

Dorky admission: I applied to be a panelist on the 2016 Disney Moms Panel.

The Moms Panel is a group of women – and men – who answer questions here as experts on different Disney specialties, including Walt Disney World, Disneyland, the Disney Vacation Club, the Disney Cruise Line, ESPN Wide World of Sports and RunDisney.

Applicants select their own specialty during the process, and RunDisney was definitely my pick. I’ve done a dozen RunDisney races so far with three more (hopefully) on the horizon.

I quickly found out that I’m in good company, though, as there are an estimated 15,000 others in the running.

Not great odds.

A lot of other bloggers are posting about being on their third, fourth or fifth attempt at making the panel.

There also appears to be some type of advantage to being a multi-year applicant, as some bloggers are posting that they have guaranteed acceptance to the later rounds of the contest based on the previous year’s entry.

So it seems like I’m in for a short ride!

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