The Arc of a Stitch Fix Relationship

Dear Stitch Fix:

We’ve had our good times.

We’ve had our bad times.

But can we make this relationship work?

Doubtfully yours,



So, I’ve noticed a pattern in many Stitch Fix relationships, and mine is no exception.

  • Stage 1: Infatuation. After flirting with the idea, you order your first Fix. And when it arrives, it’s love at first sight. Your stylist *gets* you! You adore some of the pieces and convince yourself that the others are taking you out of your comfort zone in the best possible way. You keep the whole box, delighting in the buy-it-all 25% discount.
  • Stage 2: Understanding phase. You still get each other but tiny little flaws start to become apparent. You overlook the ill-fitting skirt for the keep-it-all discount.
  • Stage 3: Doubts. You receive yet another flowy printed sleeveless top. Which you absolutely don’t need.
  • Stage 4: Arguments and make-ups. WHY DID THEY SEND SKINNY JEANS WHEN YOU’VE EXPLICITLY MENTIONED SEVERAL TIMES THAT YOU LOOK TERRIBLE IN SKINNY JEANS? The whole Fix is sent back. You bitterly stew over the lost styling fee. But then the most perfect lightweight sweater arrives in your next Fix and you’re back hoping that the relationship can be saved…
  • Stage 5: Decision time. Should you stay or should you go? 

I’m definitely in Stage 5. My friend P. recently divorced Stitch Fix, and believe me, I’m almost ready to figuratively lawyer up, too.

I’m also wondering if Stitch Fix jumped the shark, meaning that they’ve peaked and are heading downhill.

Did they get too big, too fast? For my last three Fixes I’ve had different stylists, leading me to wonder if they either have a lot of new, inexperienced stylists or major employee turnover.

I’ve also noticed a disturbing trend in other bloggers where they seem to be ordering Fixes solely to review them and then repeatedly send everything back, despite trying on all the clothes in multiple elaborately staged blog photos. Without naming names, I saw one blogger who purchased exactly one item over the course of nine months. Not cool, people. 

So what’s a girl to do? I can’t decide, but a notice from Stitch Fix tells me that Fix #9 is on its way.

We’ll see what happens.

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