Encircled Chrysalis Cardi

How’s this for the ultimate travel garment?

I’ve had my eye on Encircled’s Chrysalis Cardi for a while, and during a recent Facebook promotion, I scored an Everglade one at a discount.

It arrived in a large envelope with a separate belt:


This picture doesn’t do the Chrysalis justice.

Fortunately, it also comes with a helpful styling card:


Honestly, I can’t see myself turning this piece into a dress or tunic, but I love it as a cocoon cardigan, a wrap or a cape. The fabric is unbelievably  soft and does not wrinkle. This would be absolutely perfect on a chilly plane.

Deciding on just one color took a few days, and as soon as I hit the “Purchase” button with my Everglade selection, I was feeling remorse for not sticking to my beloved Heathered Grey.

When mine arrived, though, I loved it. The color is gorgeous. If Everglade’s not your thing, there are nine other colors to choose. The raspberry is also really pretty, and this could add a pop of color to an otherwise-neutral travel wardrobe.

Check out Encircled! 



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