UNICEF Kid Power Bands

Having active kids is important to me, but I have to confess I’m terrible at getting them into activities like organized sports.

I’ve always prided myself at not over scheduling MGM (9) and Trixie (7), instead letting them organically be kids and not programmed robots.

Except this summer, they’ve both become couch potatoes. Cringe.

Some of that will change when school starts next week (Trixie goes to yoga; MGM stays in thrice weekly karate), but when my friend T. recently suggested getting the kids activity trackers to inspire them to move more, I was intrigued.

Another confession: I didn’t want to invest $100+ on a device that had a high chance of being broken, lost or unused if the kids didn’t buy into my plan of falling in love with seeing those step numbers climb each day.

I was thrilled when I discovered the UNICEF Kid Power Band, which not only has a great price point ($39.99), but also does good.


Photo via UNICEF

Kids register their bands on a free app and then can go on “missions,” where the more steps they take, the more Kid Power points they earn. The points can then be converted to funding where UNICEF delivers food to malnourished children around the world.

How cool is that?

Trixie loves her band! She and I compete to see who gets more steps each day.




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