Pack Up + Go

How fun is this?

Travel company Pack Up + Go will send you on a three day weekend to a mystery city.


This is Austin, TX. Send me here!

They take care of the travel arrangements and accommodations. You set the budget and answer a few questions about places you’ve recently been or are planning to visit (so as to not send you there), plus activities you like to do (Fine dining – check; food markets – check; spas – check).

A few days before your departure they will send you directions to your departure site (airport, train station, etc) and a sealed envelope, which you open when you get there to find out where you’re headed.

While I probably wouldn’t do this for a once-in-a-lifetime two month excursion, I’m game for a long weekend. This sounds like fun.

P.S. Thanks to my travel-loving friend T. for telling me about this.

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