Fall Backpacks

It’s official: 90s style is back.

From platform boots and chunky loafers to velvet baby doll dresses, 90s-inspired looks took up a lot of real estate in Vogue’s massive September issue.

One trend that I decided to revive was the black leather backpack.

My college roommate S. chicly wore one like this in the mid-90s:


Not her.

I decided to bite on this Rebecca Minkoff Julian bag after reading raves about it on Travel Fashion Girl and finding a good deal for it on Amazon:


Via Rebecca Minkoff

(Check out this incredible post about how Alex, a.k.a. Travel Fashion Girl, traveled for a week with just this bag and another backpack).

The Julian can be buckled at the bottom or the top (left, right below). Top buckling provides an extra layer of security by covering the zipper access to the main compartment, which is an important feature for travel.

The main compartment opens widely and can accommodate a laptop:


All of this fit comfortably (and I could have added a lot more):


Another company I have been hearing a lot about lately is Bartaile. Their C12 bag converts into a tote, backpack or messenger bag.


Via Bartaile. C12 in charcoal.

This bag feels very modern and chic to me. The black one is already on my (growing) Christmas list.

One more bag, and this one is the Smith Cobble Hill from State:


Via State

The leather version retails for $235, but fabric styles will only set you back $110.

P.S. While I am digging the backpack trend, I am still holding off on these:


Not there yet.

2 thoughts on “Fall Backpacks

  1. Instead of a purse, I use a backpack! But it isn’t really stylish, it’s a mini Jansport that’s all black, it’s called a half pint. I like being able to have both arms and hands free when I’m walking. It’s cheap and easy and works for me!

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