Be A Sparkly Unicorn. You Be You.

Although it previously wasn’t really optional, Being Authentic has become critical as of late.


Card tucked into the corner of my computer screen as I type…

Recently I indulged in The Real Housewives of New York Reunion, Part 1 (don’t judge!) and Bethenny Frankel (love her ballsy badass self) was called out about her behavior at a party, where she ignored an annoying guest.


Screenshot from the episode on Bravo

Bethenny’s response:

Here’s the problem with me. I cannot make believe. It’s really, actually a problem because it makes me socially awkward and inept in certain situations.

What I heard:

I need to be my authentic self at all times, and being authentic occasionally gets me into hot water.

Amen. You be you, Bethenny. 

Earlier this week my friend H. gave me this sparkly unicorn:


This candy came with it. It no longer exists.

To me, Sparkly Unicorn symbolized this message: If you’re a Sparkly Unicorn, be a Sparkly Unicorn. Trying to be a sad old swayback mare isn’t going to pass muster.

Shine on, my glittery friends. Be a unicorn.


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