Retro A-Frame Dollhouse

I spent countless hours playing with this Fisher Price dollhouse as a kid:


Not only did I imagine living a fancy life in an A-frame house, but I also really wanted to sleep in bunk beds.

And use a ladder.

Looking now, this play set channels Aspen in the ’70s. Minus the piles of cocaine.

Land of Nod just introduced this retro dollhouse that obviously gives a wink to the one above:

The furniture is killing me!

Can you see the macramé wall hanging?

The people who reside in this house are also totally awesome:


Fruit hair! I love it.

I may need to make this set mine.


2 thoughts on “Retro A-Frame Dollhouse

  1. I used to love the Fisher Price little people in the first picture, LOVED them as a kid and didn’t like the new design when they made them bigger (most likely they were a swallowing hazard) but I didn’t have the house. I had a McDonald’s and school, though.

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