Getting Rid of Toxic Mental Energy

Recently I made a personal (actually, personnel) decision that has profound life changes associated with it.

One that I did not fully anticipate was the extent of the accompanying mental freedom.

In short order I realized that I had spent an extraordinary amount of mental energy perseverating on the negative Before The Decision, and now that it was officially After The Decision, I suddenly found myself with brain space to spare.

While this is in no way measurable or remotely scientific, I estimate that once I got rid of the toxic thoughts I freed up at least thirty percent of my mental clutter.



Some outcomes I’ve seen so far:

  • I’m reading two books at once. For fun.
  • I’ve had more time than ever to research and dream about travel. This has been a lot of fun.
  • Speaking of travel: I planned a trip. To Kauai. In two months. Yay!
  • I go to bed earlier. My sleep isn’t always perfect, but overall I’m usually snoozing well before 10 PM and luxuriating in 8+ hours of sleep.
  • I’ve done a better job at staying current with the medical journals that are relevant to me. They often used to get pushed down the list of Things to Do, but now that I’ve got more time and energy, I read them as they arrive and skim less, read with intention more.
  • I lost 20 pounds with very little effort. I am mentally and physically lighter.
  • Sometimes I feel bored. What a luxury. Really. I haven’t even been able to pause enough to be bored in years.
  • I’m slower and overall more pleasant. At least, I think so. I smile more at strangers. I rush around less often. I take the time to greet people and inquire how they are, and I really want to hear the answer.
  • I made a list of Bucket List adventures I want to pursue.
  • Trixie (7), our geriatric toy poodle (15) and I take more walks to the park. Sometimes she rides her bike in circles in the adjacent tennis courts. Frenchie and I trot alongside her.
  • I spend less. This was a surprising turn. I still browse all my favorite sites, but I feel less compelled to buy. Clearly that was a means to buy my way out of misery in the past. Not anymore.
  • Overall, I am just so damn Happy. Most of that thirty percent in my brain has been replaced with Happiness, Optimism and Joy.

Have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Toxic Mental Energy

  1. Awesome! We spent a few nights on Kauai during honeymoon and thought it was pretty cool. Hiking and such. I think Todd may have been nipped by one of the numerous chickens running around the island, too.

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