Olive Coats

Recently I was killing time before a hair appointment and wandered into the Lole store, which is an under-represented and under-rated brand IMHO.

There were a lot of new arrivals and right away a winter coat caught my eye. What was surprising about it, though, was the color: olive.


Lole Faith Jacket

Most winter coats fall into a limited color palette: black, more black, navy, red, black again. Skiwear can mix it up, especially edgy designs for snowboarding, but standard-issue winter coats tend to be blah.

Lole featured a lot of greenish hues, including the Emmy and Glee jackets, respectively.




Glee – My favorite

Other brands are in the olive business this winter, too.

Here’s a North Face heavy-duty coat at Nordstrom’s:


North Face Metropolis II Jacket

Olive in a cloth version from Kristen Blake:


An adorable polka dot coat from Prana:


A splurge-y ($900!) Canada Goose number:



And an even pricier (don’t ask) Burberry option:




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