Weekend So Far

How’s your weekend? 

Mine = plenty ok.


On Friday night, my friends J. and B. met me for an important planning session for our upcoming trip to Las Vegas.

On Saturday, the kids and I ran errands, including a coffee/hot chocolate stop at the mall.


This Vuitton bucket bag is so old that I don’t think they even sell it anymore. Yikes. That makes *me* feel vintage.

On Saturday night I made the quinoa lasagne casserole that I posted about here for the second time. It’s the right amount of effort for my (limited) kitchen skills.


Today’s more coffee and getting ready for Monday. The kids were off last week, so waking them tomorrow is going to be worse than the usual bear poking. 

On the plus side: I took half of the week off, so it’s a short week for me. Yay!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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