What Is Me #1: Boots

A few days ago I posted about What’s Not Me, fashion-wise.

Which led me to think about What Is Me, fashion-wise.

I haven’t totally figured this out, but one thing that made the list was boots.

A great pair of boots can take you so far. While they can be bulky, they’re actually perfect for travel if you wear them en route and avoid taking up valuable luggage space. Pick a comfortable enough pair and they’re good for walking all day and going out at night. They look good with pants or skirts/dresses and they’re almost invariably more chic than sneakers.

I own a few pairs of boots but I’m still not convinced that I have the perfect ones.

These Treasure and Bond “Royce” Chelsea boots were a recent purchase from Nordstrom:


Right now, they’re hitting on all cylinders and I’ve been wearing them several times per week. The quality is good for the price ($120), but long-term I’m not sure how they will hold up. The inside is already showing a bit of wear.

I also have an old pair of Born boots that have been in heavy rotation since 2012. Last year I even had them repaired (for free! Thank you, Nordstrom, for your excellent customer service). The exact style I have doesn’t seem to still be available but these are similar:


While these boots have been absolute champs, they are looking a bit worn. It’s probably something that a good polishing would improve, but I wore them to work last week and felt so self-conscious about the scuffed toes that it became distracting. They may need to be relegated to weekend wear only.

My day-to-day professional style is about to shift (for the better, in a way that lets my personality come through more), and that has me editing my work wardrobe and looking for holes to fill.

I’m also wondering if maybe I should invest in higher quality boots.

Justification: if I’m going to make something a building block in an edited wardrobe, it’d better be perfect.

Reality: I really, really like to buy stuff.

Last week Jenni Kayne had a site-wide sale, which I had the poor judgment to peruse with a glass of chardonnay in hand. I really admire this fashion-forward brand (and the lifestyle they show with it on their blog, Rip & Tan), but I haven’t sprung for any of their pricey merchandise (ahem, investment pieces) yet.

I got thisclose, though, to ordering these or these:


Or both.

What stopped me was that they were sold out of my size. Bullet dodged for now.

These Gucci boots are far less casual but they make quite a statement:

screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-7-36-36-am screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-7-36-28-am

These would need to go on major sale for me to buy them, but I’ll keep my eye out.









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