Sundance Cup of Sentiment Mugs

My favorite time of year is upon us: Catalog Season.

I love shopping for gifts. I do. I really do.

And from roughly mid-October to early December, I love opening my mailbox to see it stuffed with holiday catalogs. 

The Sundance catalog arrived last week. Their Cowgirl Chic vibe isn’t usually my thing, but I like their stuff enough to check out what’s new.

These mugs caught my eye:



They’re handmade and hand painted. Choose from A Cup of Gratitude, Courage, Happy, Peace, Clarity or Joy.

While I like the sentiments and think these would make a good gift (especially if used as a vessel to put other small gifts inside or accompanied by tea, coffee or a cute spoon), at $58 I think they’re overpriced.

With my overall track record of breaking and/or ruining things, I suspect that if I bought one of these mugs, the cost-per-use would be exactly $58 before mine was destroyed.


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