Stuff I Would Cook or Make: Sweet Potato Toast

Late to the game as always, I discovered sweet potato toast last week.

Apparently this has been a Raging Thing on social media sites for a while.

“Toast” is a misnomer here, because no bread is involved.

Instead a slice of sweet potato is placed directly in the toaster, topped in an appealing and photogenic manner worthy of Instagram, and then consumed.

It sounded easy enough for me to try.


Slicing the sweet potato was harder than I thought.

Here’s my first attempt to get an even slice:



As someone who (successfully) performs surgery on other humans, I was cursing this sweet potato before I got two reasonable pieces.


One of them

Into the toaster they went:


Full disclosure: I put them through four toast cycles before they seemed ready. Both were about half a centimeter thick.

Here’s what they looked like when they were done:


I topped them with avocado, a bit of fat-free feta and red pepper flakes. Vegetarian frittata rounded out lunch.


A close-up shot:


Verdict: this was surprisingly delicious. 

Granted, I had just finished a 12 mile run and was extremely hungry by the time I ate these, but they were much better than expected.

If I’d invest in some decent knives or even a mandoline, this would be even easier. Regardless, I’ll be making this again. 

Have you tried sweet potato toast? Would you?


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