Tory Burch Holiday Outfit Ideas

Once again, I have zero holiday party invitations, at least for now.

But a girl can dream, right?

These picks are from Tory Burch.

First up, this metallic pink tunic is awesome but will remain a fantasy piece for my wardrobe, given that it’s $495, I don’t have anywhere to wear it, and I would probably spill cocktail sauce on it within five minutes of entering said imaginary party.


I’d keep the pants and jewelry simple with this wild of a top, but I’d still go big on the shoes:


Realistically, this dress is a little more my speed:

t4These would round out the look:

t6 t1 t3

Now I just wish I had somewhere fun to go.


4 thoughts on “Tory Burch Holiday Outfit Ideas

  1. One of my all -time favorite sayings is “all dressed up with nowhere to go!” This is what I exclaimed to my mother after modeling an outfit for her that I had just picked up at the mall – back when I was 20. As I flopped onto her bed with dramatic, pouty flair, the phone was my (future) husband calling for a date.. so yeah..get the clothes, put them on, say “all dressed up with nowhere to go…” and see what happens! HAHAHA 👍

  2. I love your blog. You seem so genuine & good-natured. I wish there were more women like you around. People seem so difficult lately and after the elections, it seemed like there was no intelligence in between the coasts. Thanks for restoring my faith in middle America.

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